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Pianos are probably the most neglected instrument there is, while the lack of well trained and affordable service providers plays a role most people do not know how their piano is supposed to be serviced.

Piano manufactures suggest tunings should be done twice a year an order to maintain flawless perfect pitch and no less the once a year to maintain a pitch that can still be tuned to A440. Cleaning should be done with regulation which we suggest having done every 2 years.

Technicians and pianist have argued about the proper tuning technique and equipment since the piano was invented however we believe piano tuning is an art. It's not just the equipment that makes a good tuner nor the school in which he learned. It's a combination of skill, experience, and passion that makes a good tuner.

The founder of Prestige Piano, J.D. Ford, still serves as the technician for our Texas location. He apprenticed under his father, who started tuning pianos in the 1960's. The trade has been in the Ford family for over 40 years and is still going strong. It's this experience, in combination with the top of the line Peterson 490ST strobe tuner used by Prestige, that allows us to offer the best tuning out there.

You will find tuners saying that the only way to achieve a perfect tuning is by ear, but that couldn't be any farther from the truth. Technology has advanced since the early 1800's and tuning by ear only drastically increases the room for error in the tuning process. The same goes for tuners that can't tune by ear and fully rely on nothing but a machine. The only way to achieve a perfect tuning is with a strobe tuner and a well-honed ear.

Since words cannot describe how well our technician's tonal perceptions is we will refer you to our many reviews from producers, school districts, piano teachers, churches, studios and music schools.

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